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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Reader News for April 20, 2013

My friends in the blogosphere have been busy lately! For today's Reader News we have two exciting new books and a Kickstarter campaign.

Jack Badelaire over at the Post Modern Pulp blog has just released COMMANDO: Operation Bedlam. This is the second in his action series about a crack British Commando team in WWII. I loved the first book (read my review here) and was lucky enough to be a beta reader for the second. Both are fast-moving books with lots of action, a huge body count, and an eye for historical accuracy.

David Lee Summers and I go way back. For some two decades now he's written a steady output of quality stories and novels ranging from horror to science fiction to steampunk. His latest is Dragon's Fall: Rise Of The Scarlet Order, a vampire novel that came out last month and I somehow missed. (Sorry David!)

Last but not least, Eric over at the Civil War Daily Gazette is getting married and his honeymoon will be a drive along the entire length of Route 66! He and his bride-to-be have launched a Kickstarter campaign called the Route 66 Polaroid Project. They'll be taking Polaroid shots of the sights along The Mother Road. Supporters can get unique old-fashioned print photos sent to them, complete with description of the view. This is a project worth supporting!


  1. Great Blog, have you read Gone With The Wind?

    Nice to meet you via the A to Z blog!

  2. Sounds like some great books. Congrats to Jack and David. I'll check those out.

    Sounds like a fun trip for Eric and his bride.

  3. The Polaroid one sounds interesting. He must've purchased a case of film before they went under.

    1. Fuji still makes film for the Colorpack model, the one where the film slides out the side. I didn't know that until Eric posted his Kickstarter!

  4. Thanks for the mention, Sean. Much appreciated!


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