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Friday, August 30, 2013

Wild West Photo Friday: Swastikas In The Wild West

Here's a photo of a classic old pulp magazine cover. . .but what's that in the upper right corner? Yep, that's a swastika! It was the symbol of The Hersey Magazines, a publishing house started by famed editor Harold Hersey in 1928. He took as his symbol a blue swastika. The swastika, before the Nazis got a hold of it, was a symbol for illumination and good fortune.

As you might expect, the logo was eventually changed. One of their magazines was called War Stories. Of course, they were talking about World War ONE. By the time World War Two came around the swastika had been ruined as a symbol in the Western world. For more on the history of this symbol, check out my article on The Swastika: Symbol of Peace and Harmony.


  1. Even crappier that a symbol of Peace and Harmony was so corrupted.

  2. Oops, posted that last comment under my teacher profile, not my personal one. It's me, Dianne Salerni. Rats. Guess I can't work on school stuff and comment on blogs at the same time. :P

  3. Yikes! I bet Harold was none too happy.


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