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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Book marketing tips, anyone?

The release of my next novel, Radio Hope, is coming up on February 1 and I've been busy building up a virtual book tour. A big "thank you" to all who have offered to help me out!

By a bit of good timing, there was a blogfest on Monday called the Online Marketing Symposium. Lots of different writers gave their two cents about what works and what doesn't. Although I knew some of these tips already (like Goodreads ads being worthless while being a part of Goodreads itself is valuable) these dedicated bloggers gave me much food for thought.

Roland Yeomans made the good point that you have to identify your audience and target them. Not only does this make for more efficient marketing, but it gives you insights into what your audience wants. I've been hanging around on various post-apocalyptic reading groups, both on Goodreads and other places, and I've noticed there's a hunger for PA books that don't involve zombies or aliens. That might stand me in good stead because in Radio Hope, the survivors are dealing with very human mistakes and consequences.

Master blogger Alex Cavanaugh has some good tips about virtual book tours. He's said it all before, but good advice bears repeating.

Sandra Almazan has an interesting post on price pulsing--temporarily lowering the price of your book and advertising the hell out of it. Her post is well worth reading in its entirety.
The Insecure Writers Support Group was one of the few blogs to mention conventions. In this Internet marketing age many writers forget how valuable face-to-face marketing can be. Luckily for me, Worldcon is in London this year so I'm attending! I'll be on some panels and will be sure to have plenty of my books on hand.

Another important piece of advice that most bloggers gave--write the next novel! If your readers like one of your books, make sure there's something else of yours for them to read.

So, my blogging friends, what do you think I should do to market Radio Hope? I'm participating in a bunch of post-apocalyptic boards, doing a virtual book tour, will do the usual Twitter/Facebook/rally-my-friends stuff, and am busy writing the next in the Toxic World series. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!


  1. Glad you got some great ideas from the symposium. I took notes as well. And while I don't get to many conventions, my publisher sends promotional materials, giveaways, and does ads in the program guides.

  2. Are you going to be Kindle exclusive, at least at first? I'd consider doing a 5-day giveaway as soon as you get 3-4 decent reviews. There's a lot of pros and cons to free promotions, but the one thing it DOES do is get your book percolating on people's "also bought" lists. This will definitely amp up your discountability.

    If you're not willing to do that, if you're in KDP Select, you could at least do a Kindle Countdown Deal. I've see good sales spurts while doing those, and it helps get it in front of people's noses.

    I'm also right on with you about preferring non-zombie or non-alien PA books. I'm also not a fan of "Prepper Post-Apocalyptic Fiction", which usually figures some kind of economic collapse and a book filled with product placements for various survivalist goods. Seeing that RADIO HOPE lacks any of these elements, I'm a big fan already!

  3. I still haven't hit all the stops on the symposium, but will. I am one of those writers who doesn't have the magic bullet, but when you launch, I'd be happy to help and host.
    I find your blog to be fun and informative, so even when I'm nbot commenting, I'm stalking.

  4. Jack: I'll be doing a Kindle Countdown Deal at some point. You have to be with Kindle Select for a month with a constant price before you're eligible.

    Elizabeth: Thanks for stalking!


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