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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Should I get on Google Plus?

Can anyone give me a good reason to get on Google Plus?

More and more of my blogger buddies are getting on it, which makes it so I can't comment on their blogs. Other than that, is there any reason I as an author should join, or is it just another social media timesuck?


  1. You can join Google+, but that doesn't mean you have to combine it with your Blogger profile (they can remain separate) or use their comment box. I've been on Google+ since it began, but I won't combine the two because I know it's a hassle for people to fin one's blog if they have to go through a Google+ profile first.

  2. I combined profiles, but kept the comments box unlinked. Works fine for me, and actually brings in a ton of non-blogging traffic.

    Which is something neither my twitter nor facebook posts manage to do. Even if they're essentially identical to the g+ posts.

    So that's my big reason why g+ my social network of choice these days.

  3. I agree that there's nothing wrong with joining the service so you can comment on other blogs - there's nothing says you have to post/use it for anything.


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