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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cover ideas for Radio Hope, what do you think?

My talented brother-in-law, who designed the cover for A Fine Likeness, has done a new cover for me for Radio Hope. It's a work-in-progress. This one is the one he sent.

Here's how it would look at the standard 68 pixel-wide Amazon thumbnail size. This is a post-apocalyptic novel and I want the cover to communicate toxicity and decay. I'm probably going to ask him to move the entire image up a bit so that there will be more room under my name for the words "A Toxic World Novel" or "Toxic World Book One".

If you click on the Radio Hope link above you can get a free download of the first 51,000 words. I'd love to get some feedback and anyone who does gets a free electronic copy when it comes out in February. I'll be taking this preview down in a week so grab it now!

And below the cut are some alternative colors my wife and I came up with. Which do you like best? Any other suggestions? I'm all ears!


  1. I like it! Might need something else with the lettering, just something to define it, but really like what he did with the letters. Of the three, like the last one best. Something about that yellow.

    1. I'm not 100% on the lettering myself, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Too much white? What do you think would help define it better?

  2. I know it's a stylistic choice, but I'd give a little open space between RADIO and HOPE. Also, you need a little more kerning space in your name because it's not quite so well defined at thumbnail level. As for the color schemes, I'm partial to the third - it has a nice sepia feel to it that I like.

  3. I'm the odd one out. I love the lettering, but I'm worried about the monochrome image. Still, it's really striking and makes me want to know more. :-)


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