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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One of my books has been translated into Swedish!

After hearing earlier this year that two of my military history books for Osprey Publishing are being translated into Italian, it turns out that I'm also getting readers in Sweden. My book American Civil War Guerrilla Tactics has been translated into Swedish and bound with two other Osprey titles into one of a multivolume series on the Civil War. You can see my byline at the bottom of this volume.

Here's the whole series. It's published by Svenskt Militärhistoriskt Bibliotek (the Swedish Library of Military History) and is, oddly enough, my first hardcover edition.
A big thanks to Stefan Aguirre, one of my new Swedish readers, for these photos!


  1. That is really awesome, Sean! Can you read any of it?

  2. This sounds so interesting, although the language might be a problem.


  3. How neat! What beautiful books. Do you understand any of it?

    1. I used to know some Danish back in the day, but Swedish is different enough that my all-but-forgotten Danish is of no real use.

  4. Congrats! Nice to have an global audience.


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