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Saturday, May 11, 2013

My latest fantasy novella is out now!

I'm proud to announce that my latest fantasy novella, The Quintessence of Absence, is out now on Amazon, Smashwords, and will soon be at other outlets as well. This 25,000 word story originally appeared in Black Gate magazine. A blurb is below:

Can a drug-addicted sorcerer sober up long enough to save a kidnapped girl and his own Duchy?

In an alternate 18th century Germany where magic is real and paganism never died, Lothar is in the bonds of nepenthe, a powerful drug that gives him ecstatic visions. It has also taken his job, his friends, and his self-respect. Now his old employer has rehired Lothar to find the man's daughter, who is in the grip of her own addiction to nepenthe.

As Lothar digs deeper into the girl's disappearance, he uncovers a plot that threatens the entire Duchy of Anhalt, and finds the only way to stop it is to face his own weakness.

The cover is by fellow indie writer Jack Badelaire, author of the awesome Commando series. He saw my struggles with designing a cover and sent me this one to me out of the blue. Now that's the indie spirit!  You can read his take on the indie life in an interview here.

I'd love to have some help getting the word out. Please tweet, share, and blog about this release. But if you're considering buying it, please jump the cut.

Don't buy this book yet! (How's that for marketing?) As readers of this blog I'm going to let you in on a secret. Starting next month, I'm going to be offering this book for free. So hold your horses and download it then. My blog followers deserve special treatment!


  1. Yay! It's so exciting to hear when an author I know has a new book out! This book sounds fantastic. I'll keep my finger off the buy-button and wait for the giveaway - thanks so much for the heads-up! And CONGRATS again! :-D

  2. Sounds interesting. And what a great thing to be sent the cover out of the blue. That's what community is all about. I'll be waiting for next month. lol

  3. This sounds really interesting! I'll definitely keep my head up for the giveaway.


  4. Pffft. Forget giveaway - You just landed a sale, bub.

  5. Congratulations! And a great cover, too :)

  6. Awesomesauce! Congrats, Sean! Tweeted for you! If you email me your stuff, I'd be glad to do a shoutout for you in the near future.


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