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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Underground Exploration: why I'm hooked on caving

I've always liked to explore. That thrill of discovery has taken me to 33 countries, up to 34 next month when I go to Slovenia. But you don't have to go to some faraway land to see something new. One of my hobbies is caving. Anytime I've lived in a region where there were good caves I hurried to get underground. I've traveled beneath New Mexico, Missouri, and now Cantabria in northern Spain where I'm living now.
Caving is physically challenging and emotionally rewarding. The hidden natural beauty of the world beneath our feet is something only a tiny fraction of us ever get to see. Hit that link in the previous paragraph to see some of my caving articles. There are more on the way!


  1. We explored some very cool caves in Northern California last summer...Shasta Caverns. They had beautiful formations. The one your in looks pretty cool too.

  2. I've been in a couple caves, but they were all guided tours.

  3. Love the photographs! I have never been in underground caves unless you count a tour of a coal mine.

  4. Hi Sean .. I've only ever been in the Cango Caves in South Africa .. and I don't have the impetus to go under ... but I do love seeing things. I bought a CD from the British Museum on Cave Art, after visiting the Ice Age exhibition that's on there at the moment ...

    The DVD is called "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" by William Herzog, and has 5 and 4 stars from The Guardian to The Independent ... he goes inside the Chauvet Cave ...

    I am looking forward to viewing it - now the A-Z is over I can get on ..

    I love seeing the documentaries about caving .. and was amazed to read about the recent discovery in Namibia, Africa about a huge lake underground, Dragon's Breath Cave Lake ... the ephemeral rivers on the Namib Skeleton coast make more sense now ...

    Cheers and I look forward to your pictures and stories .. Hilary

    1. That was a great exhibition! I was totally mesmerized. Did you see the Pompeii/Herculaneum exhibition too? Equally awesome. I love the British Museum.


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