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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reader News for January 10

My readers are busy folks. Here's the latest from some of the creative people who read this blog.

Aiden Potts, an artist friend, has come out with a new app in the itunes store. Called d-pixing!, it's a words and pictures game based on the rebus puzzle, where a word is represented by one or more images. It's truly unique because there are thousands of words and hundreds of illustrations by Aiden, challenging you with the sounds of English and testing your visual vocabulary against the clock!

Language is transformed into illustrated symbols, a strangely satisfying return to the root of all writing which began as a series of pictograms. There are unusual words, amusing contemporary visuals and entertaining, surreal juxtapositions. Good fun if you are learning or practicing English. The music and SFX is provided by the French DJ Mr Claude.

D-pixing! is $1.99 and there's a free version for the moochers.

Nick Wilford over at Scattergun Scribblings is hosting the Overcoming Adversity Blogfest on February 4-5. Entries will be compiled into a book and the proceeds will go to funding college for his stepson, Andrew, who has cerebral palsy. Check out the link for why this is more difficult than it should be in Scotland. He's looking for entries of 500 words or less, prose or poetry, on overcoming adversity for something you believe in.

Do you have any news you'd like to share here? It can be about writing, history, archaeology, adventure travel, etc. You know what I cover in this blog, so if it's at all related, send it along to the email on the sidebar to the left.


  1. Signed up for Nick's blogfest and I will have to check out that app!

  2. Thanks for this post, d-pixing looks like the sort of app that my wife and I both enjoy. Will definitely check it out.


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