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Friday, December 7, 2012

Civil War Photo Friday: Veterans of the Battle of Prairie Grove

Today is the 150th anniversary of the Union victory at the Battle of Prairie Grove. This was a brutal slugfest in northwestern Arkansas that spelled the end to Confederate hopes of invading Missouri and opened up Arkansas for Union invasion. It would take both sides some time to fully realize the significance of this battle.

The battle has been well described in many places, such as this official site and the awesome blog Civil War Daily Gazette. So I'll just give you this interesting photo of the veterans of Company K, 34th Arkansas Infantry, taken at a reunion at the battlefield sometime around 1905-1916. This public domain image comes courtesy Campsite Artifacts, a very cool website run by a metal detectorist who specializes in finding (and selling) Civil War artifacts.


  1. Those were soldiers? I guess you fought no matter what age.

    1. Mr Cavanaugh, this photo was taken some 40 years after the battle. These soldiers were boys, now grown old.
      Becky Ogle

  2. Very interesting photo. I noticed the blind man in the front. Wonder if his blindness was caused by war wounds.


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