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Monday, November 12, 2012

My series on traveling in Iraq has started!

My new series, Destination: Iraq, about my 17-day trip through Iraq, has started over at Gadling. The first article, Going on Vacation in Iraq explains just why the hell I'm doing this.

I really put myself on the line for this one, folks, so please tweet, share, like, comment, and blog about this series. It would really help me out and encourage my editor to send me on more trips like this one. So spread the word! Nabu, the Babylonian god of wisdom and literature, commands you!!!


  1. Very nice photo of Nabu (?). I will check out the Gadling posts as commanded. It's a place I'm sure I'll never get to see other than your photos.

    Keep reminding us (your readers) when you do post at Gadling. That catches my attention.

    1. I'll be announcing every article here, as well as a series of guest posts I'm doing for other venues. This blog will be a bit Iraq-heavy for the next couple of weeks, but I'll slip in a few on-topic posts too, including a guest post.

  2. Will spread the word on Wednesday! Marking this now so I can come back and read it later today.

  3. Wow! I went and read your first article, and it sounds exciting and definitely adventurous.


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