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Friday, November 30, 2012

Civil War Photo Friday: Florida Confederate Regimental Flags

We don't hear much about Florida in the Civil War. It was the third state to secede but never saw a large amount of action. The Union navy blockaded the state and took a few key points on the coast. With major campaigns occurring further north, the Union contented themselves with that and there were only a few forays inland.

With its small population, Florida could only supply about 15,000 men to the Confederate army. They did supply a large amount of food, however, and their blockade runners kept the Union navy busy.

Above is an interesting flag of the combined 1st and 3rd Florida Confederate Regiments. They started out as separate regiments but combined in December 1862, probably because both were understrength. They spent the entire war outside of their home state, fighting various battles as part of the Army of Tennessee.
Companies had flags too. Here's one from Company B of the 3rd Florida Infantry. They hailed from Saint Johns County and called themselves the Saint Augustine Blues.
The 5th Florida Regiment served with the Army of Northern Virginia and fought at Gettysburg. Following General Lee throughout the war, they surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9th, 1865. They used the more familiar Confederate battle flag

Photos courtesy Florida Memory, a very cool website for the state's history.


  1. Interesting to know that at one time Florida had a small population when compared to other states.

  2. I love looking at old flags. They can fetch a lot of money at auction too depending on condition and if used in a particular battle.

  3. I think it is fascinating that you posted this & comments on November 30 while these men were active on that evening in 1864 at Franklin, TN. My GGG-Grandfather was with this combined unit from 61-65 when he was paroled out. Great stuff!


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