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Thursday, October 4, 2012

My travel writing for Gadling in September

I had a busy month at Gadling in September. For military historians, check out my posts on the thousands of World War Two pillboxes in the UK countryside and an exhibition on Civil War New York.

The biggest archaeology news is that the tomb of Richard III may have been discovered, the National Museum of Afghanistan is rebuilding, and that Egypt is reopening ancient tombs at Saqqara. That comes with a cool video. Another cool video is a nostalgic look at Times Square in the 1980s.

For retro film buffs, see my post on old science fiction films that theorized what transatlantic flights would be like. Horror fans will like my retrospective of the Lake Conway Monster of the 1970s.

Other posts cover Ferris wheels in Iran, Irish castles for sale, bookstores around the world, a giant Roman mosaic discovered in Turkey, and a beautiful gallery on award-winning astronomy photos.

It wouldn't be summer at Gadling without a long-distance hike by Sean, so here's one about hiking a Roman road in England.

Oh, and you really shouldn't miss the story about a man trying to board an airplane with a primate in his pants!


  1. Those are some interesting topics!! Now to go exploring...

  2. I want to check out your Gadling posts, too. History and other cultures fascinate me.

    Thanks for the links!

  3. You have been busy. So many links, so little time.

  4. WOW Very Cool Thanks for The Virtual Travel!!


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