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Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello from Iraq!

Yes, I'm alive and well here in Baghdad. I've been having a wonderful time seeing museums, bazaars, and historic mosques. The people have been very welcoming and I've experienced no open hostility. Many look a bit surprised to see us, though! Like in other Arab countries, I'm finding it easy to talk with people and I'm learning a lot about life here.

Above is a photo of yours truly with a fellow writer--the Sumerian scribe Dudu, who we know from an inscription on the back of his statue lived in Lagish around 2400 BC. I'd be willing to live with the name Dudu in exchange for my work to still be read four throusand years after my death.

Below is the felafel stand outside the Iraq Museum, where for 1000 dinars (slightly less than a dollar) I got tea and felafel for lunch. While I was eating a gate next door opened up and a whole crowd of schoolgirls came out. Most passed by with a curious look, but a few ordered Pepsis and stayed to stare. I think they were trying to summon up the courage to practice their English but they didn't quite manage.

My series on Gadling in November is going to be full of amazing stories and photos. If you're hankering for adventure travel in the meantime, check out my series about two months living in Harar, Ethiopia.


  1. I enjoy learning about a new place, but do be careful. I'd love to see more street scenes if you're allowed to photograph freely.

    Are you posting this yet on Gadling?

  2. Sean! Good to hear you arrived safe and are having a good time.

  3. Enjoy your trip and do share more photos!

  4. Great to know H ok looking forward to traveling with U.... stay safe..AnaMidMo


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