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Sunday, September 2, 2012

My travel writing on Gadling for August

Being busy with a book deadline, I didn't contribute to the travel blog Gadling as much as I would have liked this past month. Still, I did some interesting posts you might like to check out.

I wrote only one post related to the Civil War, a news brief on the upcoming commemoration of the Battle of Antietam. More history/archaeology posts include a virtual tour of Maeshowe, an old-time film short on a Western ghost town, a cache of severed hands discovered in Egypt, archaeologists searching for the lost grave of Richard III, a lovely road trip through historic Oxfordshire, a 3D laser scan of Lalibela, the discovery of the Terra Nova, and tours of the Steamboat Arabia Museum and London's Soane Museum.

I also finished up my series on visiting the Orkney Islands.

On a weirder note, don't miss the story about British police hunting for a lion in Essex, a Norwegian Nessie, and my own photo of a mysterious "sea monster".

Oh, and I discovered I appear in a Youtube video!

To see all my posts, follow my Gadling feed.

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  1. Discovered you're in a YouTube video? Hope that it was a pleasant discovery.


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