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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ethiopia photography exhibition opens Sunday!

My wife and I are opening a photography exhibition about Ethiopia this Sunday at 8pm here in Santander, Spain. If on the off chance you happen to live nearby, please come along. You can find the details in this poster. It was designed by my brother-in-law, who also used his talents to design the cover of my Civil War novel.

All proceeds will go to benefit A Glimmer of Hope, an NGO that's doing excellent work building schools over there. You can read an article I wrote about them here.

The local paper El Diario MontaƱes gave us a nice writeup today, and they even mentioned my novel!


  1. Sean, hope it's a very successful launch tomorrow!

  2. Good Luck! Won't be in the neighborhood, but wish you success. Openings can be fun. Hope you get a photo of that too.

  3. Hi Sean .. I do hope the exhibition was successful - I'd have loved to have visited ..

    Sounds a very worth-while cause ..

    Cheers Hilary


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