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Monday, March 26, 2012

Shafting the rebels in the Civil War!

I introduced a new character in the still-untitled sequel to my Civil War novel A Fine Likeness. He's a sergeant from the First Kansas Colored Volunteers, the first black unit of the American army to see combat when they beat a band of bushwhackers at the Battle of Island Mound on 29 October 1862. By late 1864, he's deserted his unit to fight an evil even greater than slavery. Of course he hooks up with the heroes from A Fine Likeness!

He's a tough gunfighter who doesn't take any crap from anyone at a time when blacks got crap on a daily basis. It took some time to think of a name until one popped into my head: Sergeant Richard Roundtree.

Two chapters later I realized where I got that name from.

Am I going to keep it? Hell yeah!

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  1. Funny how the mind works. Sounds like the right name for the character! Best wishes for your writing and further inspiration.


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