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Monday, March 12, 2012

How to cook squirrel

A while back I gave some details about how to hunt squirrels. Now I've come across this interview with the director of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. In it, he makes some interesting points about diet and nutrition during the war and gives a link to a recipe for fried squirrel. Cool! If anyone out there want to break out their squirrel gun, bag a rodent, and fry it up, I'd be happy to have you do a guest post. Don't forget to take pictures!


  1. Think I'll let someone else bag my food, thanks!

  2. I happen to have a roasted squirrel recipe, but I've never roasted a squirrel in my life. Instead, I feed those little varmits peanuts. They repay me by burying those nuts in my flower pots. Now I grow peanuts like Jimmy did.

    Thanks for the great comment on the Write Game.


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