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Friday, January 20, 2012

Civil War Photo Friday: Happy (early) Valentine's Day!!!

 Um. . .isn't Valentine's Day February 14? Yes it is, but I love my readers so much I've decided to celebrate early. From now until the day after Valentine's Day (Feb. 15) I'm discounting my Civil War novel A Fine Likeness to $2.99. The changes are already in place on Smashwords. I've made the changes on Amazon and their affiliates like Amazon UK. It may be a few more hours before the system makes them visible, though. Same goes for other websites like Barnes and Noble.

My novel has been out two months now and I've received some wonderful reviews and a modest number of sales. I'd like to increase both by offering this discount. I love getting new readers! I also love my existing readers, so if you've already purchased A Fine Likeness at full price, here's a deal for you: I'll send you a complimentary copy of my short story collection The Night the Nazis Came to Dinner and other dark tales. Just email me at seansontheweb (at) yahoo (dot) com and answer this question about the book: what Union officer was entrusted to guard Rocheport? (Hint: he did a really crappy job!).

I love my readers!

Valentine's Day card from 1861 courtesy Library of Congress.

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