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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My short story collection is out!

My short story collection, The Night the Nazis came to Dinner, and other dark tales, is out now as an ebook.

A spectral dinner party goes horribly wrong. . .
An immortal warrior hopes a final battle will set him free. . .
A big-game hunter preys on endangered species to supply an illicit restaurant. . .
A new technology soothes First World guilt. . .

Here are four dark tales that straddle the boundary between reality and speculation. You better hope they don’t come true. 

These genre-bending tales mix fantasy, science fiction, horror, and a dose of satire. I've priced it at 99 cents in order to entire readers, and hopefully get them to move on and buy my Civil War novel. A special thanks goes to Dale Roberts, author of Irrefutable, for doing the excellent cover art.

The Night the Nazis came to Dinner is available at Amazon, Amazon UK, and all other Amazon outlets. Coming soon to Smashwords too!


  1. Congratulations, Sean! And that's a good strategy.

  2. In its first day of release, my short story collection The Night the Nazis Came to Dinner, and other dark tales is making waves on amazon.es (Spain).
    I'm #3 for Horror Ebooks in English, #9 for Fantasy Ebooks in English, #14 for All Foreign-Language Horror Books (both print and electronic), and #586 in the Spanish Kindle store.

    So how did this happen? Well, I live in Spain part-time and have lots of Spanish twitter followers. No friends have bought the book as far as I know. They've either read the book already or don't have good enough English to read it.

    Now if I can only get these results in the UK and US. . .


  3. Congratulations on your second release! I have two books out as well, and I've heard from a couple of readers that they bought my murder mystery because they liked my fantasy novel. Genre readers often read more than one genre.


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