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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My next Civil War history book gets a cover

My second Civil War history book will be released by Osprey Publishing in October. Ride Around Missouri: Shelby's Great Raid 1863 covers one of the most daring cavalry raids of the Civil War, in which J.O. Shelby led his famous Iron Brigade on an epic ride around Missouri, capturing Union forts, burning supplies, cutting telegraph wire, and causing chaos deep behind Union lines.

I've seen the page proofs and the art and layout team have done a splendid job as usual.

This will be my tenth published book, or eleventh if A Fine Likeness comes out first. While the action in my novel takes place in 1864, Shelby does get mentioned since he was part of General Price's 1864 invasion. Jimmy and his crew of bushwhackers are busy causing trouble in support of Price's invasion, while Union Captain Richard Addison is working on an ulcer worrying about Price coming through his territory. Book two of the House Divided series has one of Shelby's raiders as a protagonist and the famous rebel general appears in one scene.

I love meshing my history and fiction this way. It's also a good way to save time on research!


  1. Looks good. Congrats on the 10th book.

  2. How exciting. Your book sounds fascinating. I agree about meshing history and fiction.

  3. Sean,
    Did Osprey spring for some good maps?


  4. Yes! There's a map of the route that corrects the one in Scott's thesis, and one of the Battle of Marshall. We have some nice photos and art too. I was somewhat hampered by the paucity of photos of members of the Iron Brigade. I found some, though.

    By the way, Drew, I love your site. Thanks for giving the Trans-Miss its due! Too bad you don't review novels. :-)


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