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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why you need to vote

This is a photo of a dead Union soldier at Fort Mahone, taken on April 3, 1865. More than 350,000 soldiers in blue died to preserve the Union. If they had not fought for their country, the United States would have become two nations, and in all likelihood neither would have been strong enough to become a global superpower. The effects that this would have had on later events (WWII, the Cold War, the global economy, culture, etc.) are mind boggling.

Have you done as much for your country as this guy? No you haven't, because you're alive and reading this.

Go vote. Now.

This image is from the Library of Congress. There's an interesting story about this photograph that I'll tell you about tomorrow.


  1. Good motivator. We watch the US election returns from Canada, too. My roots are there, and after all, the US is our neighbor.

    I know who I'm hoping for. I always vote, so I can complain if needed.

  2. I'm watching from Spain. Last election we didn't have results until 4am. I got my caffeine, got my live streaming on the computer, so I'm ready for an all-night election marathon!

  3. Yes! And I'll echo a friend's comment from today: all the Canadians encouraging Americans to vote today will hopefully vote in our next elections.

  4. Great point about voting. Since I am Canadian, it wasn't applicable to me with regards the U.S. election. Obama is in for another 4 years. On the same note, 3 days ago I received an email blast from a famous economist, who is predicting a terrible recession in the U.S. Indeed, he predicted the last 5 financial calamities with 100% accuracy. Hold on!


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