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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two writing milestones

I reached two milestones in my writing this week. The first was getting halfway through the next novel in my Civil War horror series. I'm taking a step back for a while to edit, polish, and map out the second half. I'll also be working on a fantasy novel I've been diddling around for a while. The back burner becomes the front burner! I always write new material for something so that editing doesn't become an excuse for not writing.

The second milestone was writing my 1,000th post for Gadling, the travel blog I work for. In total I've written 465,451 words in 1,048 days. That's what persistence gets you! Check out the link for some of my insights from this long and crazy ride.


  1. One thousand posts - wow! Congratulations.

  2. Great accomplishments, Sean. Persistence and hard work pay off!
    Donna v.


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