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Friday, March 30, 2012

Civil War Photo Friday: Captain Daniel Turrentine, 12th Arkansas Infantry

Here's a Library of Congress photo of Captain Daniel Turrentine of Company G, 12th Arkansas Infantry Regiment. What struck me about this photo is how young this guy looks. He looks a lot like someone I had in one of my freshman-level writing classes back when I taught at Pima Community College.

According to his family history website, he was born in 1832, so he was actually in his thirties when this shot was taken. He survived the war and died in 1905.

A hundred and fifty years ago today, Captain Turrentine was having a bad time of it. He was at Island No. 10 in the Mississippi getting bombarded by the Union navy. The fortification would fall on April 8 and the regiment was captured. They were exchanged later that same year and fought again.


  1. Blessed are those who look young though!

  2. I love looking at these old photos and trying to imagine knowing these people.

    I'm glad he made it out of the bombardment alive and went on to long life.

  3. Cool blog! I took a stab at a Civil War flash fiction, and with some research, I'd like to try some more down the road. Hello from a fellow A to Z challenger!

  4. He does look very young! The pictures of Captain's I usually see look a lot older.

  5. awaiting for A-Z
    anyways here is mine


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