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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gadling named one of the top ten adventure blogs by Outside Magazine

Ethiopian monk with medieval manuscript, Lake Tana.
In the midst of hateful spew coming at me from Neo-Confederates on this blog, the Missouri Civil War Forum, the Kindle Forum, and even anonymous messages to my public email account (didn't know you could do that until now) I got some good news.

Outside Magazine has named the travel blog I work for, Gadling, one of the top ten adventure blogs! While we cover all aspects of travel, it's the adventure travel that most interests me. Our bloggers go all around the world, doing everything from riding camels in the Middle East to eating bugs in Asia. It's a fun team to work with. I've done a few adventure travel series myself, including a road trip in Ethiopia, visiting Somaliland, and living for two months living in Harar, Ethiopia.

I'm making plans for 2012 but there's nothing solid yet except a visit with my family to the Orkney Islands. In the meantime you can follow my feed where I give you updates about archaeology, art, and short trips I'm doing. Don't forget to go to Gadling's main page to see what my ultra-cool coworkers are writing about too.


  1. That is really cool, Sean! The top ten thing, not the hate mail thing. Are people really sending you evil messages?

  2. Sad but true. I seem to have touched a nerve. The weird thing is, if I were a Neo-Confederate, I would be embarrassed by Bloody Bill Anderson, not defending him.
    Google "anonymous email server". Scary how many services there are out there. I can only hope those sites infected their computes with viruses.
    It was only two emails, perhaps from the same person. I'm getting some respect for Neil Block. At least he shouted at me using his own name.


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