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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Someone seriously printed a "Men of the Waffen SS" calendar?

I spotted one of these in a military history bookshop in Vienna.

Each month profiles a different "man", listing his military record and biographical details. The photos range from formal military images to snapshots of them playing with their children. There were no photos of them slaughtering non-Aryan civilians or packing people off to concentration camps.

Much as I love military history, this just is not O.K.


  1. Who would look at such, except military men? I doubt any of those photos are made to appeal to women. This is likely a Public Relations project to satisfy someone wanting 'atta-boys' or to please a superior officer.

  2. What gets me is what you do with it after you've bought it...

    ...Either you keep it locked away in your own private office for your own edification, which is very worrying.

    Or you have it proudly on display in the knowledge that all of your visitors will approve of it anyway, an even more worrying scenario.

    The mind boggles.




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