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Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's official, Internet people are stupid

Ah, the Internet!
Remember that post I did about the Waffen-SS calendar a couple of days back? I shared that on a military history group on Linkedin and some Finnish NeoNazi totally freaked out on me, screaming all sorts of crap not worth repeating. Called me a Bolshevik too. Hee hee.
Then a bunch of other people piled on him, including one guy who threatened to kill him. Twice. Threatened him twice, I mean. He didn't threaten to kill him, raise him from the dead, and then kill him again.
The sad thing is, I kinda figured something like this would happen. I think I'm on the Internet too much.


  1. Everybody has an opinion, including the crazy people.

  2. I would've been more impressed if he threatened once to kill him twice.

  3. Yeah... Sad to say that the internet will never be idiot free. I try to avoid them these days. Not always possible, though.


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