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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Like the new background?

I've decided to change the blog a bit. You may not have noticed that I widened the center a tad to make for easier reading and larger photos. I've also added my Twitter feed on the righthand column. The biggest change, of course, is that I've replaced the templates bookshelf background with a photo of Civil War soldiers shooting down a pterodactyl!

I've written a few posts on the mythological Thunderbird and the various soldiers and frontiersmen who claimed to have bagged one. My hard drive contains a small collection of these photos and I might make a tiled background of them when I get the time. I certainly would have to include this charming photo of a Globster!


  1. I like it! People will pause as they try to figure out the creature.

  2. The new look is good. I guess a pterodactyl isn't really a cryptid, is it? I mean, it existed once...

    1. There's actually a debate about the term. Some cryptozoologists say it can only be used for creatures that haven't been proven to exist, while others apply it also to supposedly extinct animals that are still with us, like all those pterodactyls in Texas!


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