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Friday, September 6, 2013

Civil War Photo Friday: An 1864 Silver Dollar

When I was writing my Civil War novel A Fine Likeness, I had a scene where the protagonist pulls a silver dollar out of his pocket. Then, being the stickler for accuracy that I am when it comes to historical novels, I wondered if silver dollars actually existed in 1864.

It turns out they did, and they were beauties!


  1. Lucky/smart thing you looked it up. That's the sort of tricky detail someone out there would call you on. And I'm the same way. I'll mention a bird or plant or something, and then I have to look it up to see if should really be there at that time of year. Kind of slows down the process some days, but at least it's accurate.

    And I wonder what that thing is worth today?

    1. It would be just my luck to have some irate numismatist give me a one star-review on Amazon.
      Prices for 1864 silver dollars, which were 90% silver, vary widely depending on condition. You can get a banged up one for $250, and a mint condition one for $42,000.


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