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Friday, July 26, 2013

Wild West Photo Friday: Judge Roy Bean's Combination Courthouse and Saloon

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Judge Roy Bean of Langtry, Texas, was the only law in a large area of western Texas. People liked to attend his trials not only to see justice done, but because his courthouse was also a saloon, where the judge himself tended bar. Bean selected the jury, which was made up of his best customers and who were expected to buy a drink every time the court went into recess.

This photo shows the courthouse/saloon in 1900 during the trial of a horse thief.

Photo courtesy National Archives.


  1. Beer and justice -- a dynamic duo.
    Any clue who or what The Jersey Lilly was?

    1. She was a hugely popular actress, a real turn-of-the-century superstar. There's a website dedicated to her:
      Roy Bean was an admirer and so named his saloon after her.


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