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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Castles in Spain and Slovenia

I was traveling in Italy and Slovenia for the past ten days and didn't get a chance to announce that another guest post of mine is up at the Black Gate blog. It's the second in my series on Spanish castles. This time I'm talking about the castle at Chinchón near Madrid.

While I was in Slovenia I got to see plenty of castles too. The country, which is slightly smaller than New Jersey, has about 700 of them! You can read my article on Gadling about the castles in Slovenia. It's part of a new series called "Slovenia: Hikes, History, and Horseburgers."


  1. Couldn't leave a comment there. So the shape deflects cannonballs? Interesting.

    1. That slope helps deflect the ball, reducing its impact.
      Yeah, Black Gate requires a membership to make comments. I've been fighting against that but it's not my decision.


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