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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Done with the A to Z Blogfest

This April I participated in the A to Z Challenge, in which more than a thousand bloggers wrote posts related to every letter in the alphabet. I kept to my usual themes of the Civil War, Wild West, and adventure travel, with a bit of high strangeness thrown in for kicks.

I did every letter except X. My excuse? I went on this caving expedition and I couldn't think of anything anyway.

Of course, the point of the blogfest isn't really to do all the letters, it's to meet other bloggers and have fun. Mission accomplished. Check out my blogger profile if you want to see some of the blogs I like to read. While many are related to the subjects I write about, some are completely different, and that's fun too.


  1. Woohoo! Yay for finishing the A-Z Challenge! I read almost all of your posts and enjoyed every one. :-)

  2. I'd say you succeeded! And a cave expedition sounds more fun than the letter X anyway.

  3. Woot, woot! It's nice to get back to the regularly scheduled program, though. I found Z the hardest letter.

  4. Hi Sean .. I just love renewing old acquaintances, and then meeting new bloggers as well as the camaraderie of regular visitors ..

    This year I found the easiest .. but I'd chosen a comfortable theme ... and Z was for Zdena, a follower of Bacchus, and I was in need of wine!

    Cheers Hilary


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