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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Caving in Spain

I've recently gotten back into caving. I did a bit of caving a couple of decades ago in New Mexico and Missouri and now that I'm living in Cantabria, one of the best regions in the world for caves, I've joined the local federation and am getting back underground. Here's me squeezing through a little hole that slopes down to a ledge over a cliff, hence the rope. Below is a shot from the same cave of some of the great formations you can see.

Being a travel blogger for Gadling, anytime I do anything even remotely interesting it gets turned into an article. You can read about my adventures in CaƱuela Cave and Coventosa Cave at these links.


  1. Hi Sean - good for you .. and those caves look fascinating. I'm not good with small dark passages - but I'd love to see them ... and the art work -

    Enjoy and what a great way to create a new post for Gadling ... cheers Hilary

  2. Sean, it would be amazing to see caves in that manner, but don't think I could do the tight spaces.

  3. Absolutely stunning photographs, but not sure that I would have what it takes to go underground!

  4. Hi Sean,
    How exciting! It's great how you turn your adventures into travel pieces. I'm with Alex about not being able to do the tight spaces.

  5. Oh, man... I don't think I could do caves, except the big wide open version. I get really claustrophobic, especially if I can't stant up straight. Glad YOU can go in there and share pictures with us!


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