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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Military history of Tangier, Morocco

So much has been going on this past week I forgot to mention that I did a guest post over at the Black Gate blog about Exploring the Defenses of Tangier. You'll see lots of pictures and info that didn't make it into my Tangier travel series I did for Gadling. Head on over and check it out!

Tangier was an inspiring place with a lot going on. I'm thinking of taking a solo trip there later this year to work on a writing project. See you back here tomorrow with Wild West Photo Friday!


  1. I couldn't comment there (wasn't 'logged in') but the photos were great, especially of the old cannon. And yes, the flowers were a nice touch.

  2. Great photos. The detail in the cannons is impressive.
    I, too, wasn't able to leave a comment.

  3. I visited both sites just now, and loved the photos, Sean. The hotel looks like a great place to stay. And the cannon was embellished as if was a grand gift at one time, perhaps to the nobility that lived here.

    I like the Gadling website, but didn't comment there.

  4. I've been trying to get them to get rid of the membership requirement to comment. I suppose it's to get rid of spammers, but if you turn on word verification that works just as well. And yes, Alex, I hate word verification as much as you do. I hate deleting Viagra ads even more!


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