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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Guest blogging and headed to Estonia

Yesterday I was over at Alex Cavanaugh's blog doing a guest post about that greatest of challenges for the adventure traveler--the squat toilet. Head on over and learn how to handle this tricky device.

I should have posted about this yesterday but I was crazy busy. One thing I had to do was arrange my next trip, and next series for Gadling. In mid February I'm headed to Estonia. That's right, I'm hanging out for five days in one of the Baltic States to cover their annual ice sculpture festival. It will be my first trip to the region. Should be fun!

Photo of Tallinn courtesy Wikimedia Commons. My own photos coming next month!


  1. You're going there? I want to join you!
    Happy to host you and I think everyone was more than a little amused with your post.

  2. It looks lovely in that photo, with the light reflecting off the tops of the buildings. Hope you take lots of photos in Estonia. I love the history and the views of the places you visit.

    I will check the Gadling Tangier post this weekend. I would welcome you for a future post on any place you travel, Sean. Just ask.


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