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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Uncovering ancient Iraq

My Iraq travel series is still going strong over at Gadling and I'm also doing some guest posts. D.G. Hudson interviewed me over at Rainforest Writing about the archaeological sites in Iraq. Over at The Adventure Blog I've written about the ancient Arab city of Hatra. Both blogs have lots of good content, so you might want to follow them!

Needless to say, I loved exploring Iraq's archaeological sites. There are lots of artifacts scattered on the surface, including nearly complete pottery vessels and fragments of cuneiform writing.


  1. Those pottery fragments are large enough to imagine the shapes of the original vessels. I would love to see the cuneiform writing, too.

    Thanks for mentioning the interview at my Rainforest Writing blog, Sean! This is an excellent series for anyone interested in history or travel.

    1. That top photo has some cuneiform. I'll see if I have a clearer shot.

  2. I just read the interview on D.G. Hudson's blog and found it very interesting. I enjoyed the piece below about black cowboys as well.

  3. very cool what you find! on my way to check out the interview!!


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