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Friday, November 9, 2012

Civil War Photo Friday: Lincoln's reelection poster

Considering recent events, I thought it would be nice to put up Lincoln's campaign poster from the 1864 presidential election. Here he is, trying to become a two-term president in the face of harsh criticism from the Democrats and rising popular complaints about the war.

Interestingly, this Republican president decided to run with Andrew Johnson, a Democrat. Johnson was a slave owner but when the war started, he supported the fight to preserve the Union with all his energy. The support of the War Democrats, as people like Johnson were called, were vital if the Republicans wanted to stay in power. In an attempt to get them on board, the Republicans temporarily changed their name to the National Union Party to emphasize that they were all about preserving the Union.

Photo courtesy Wikipedia.


  1. Interesting ploy! Wouldn't that rock our nation now if two opposing party members ran together?

  2. I'm so glad our election is over. Billions of dollars squandered on nonsensical BS. Sheeeesh!

  3. I love history! Looking forward to learning more. .


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