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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Guest blogging about Weaving Military History Into Fiction over at Osprey Publishing

My military history publisher Osprey Publishing has been kind enough to let me do a guest post about Weaving Military History Into Fiction. Yes, my nonfiction publisher is letting me talk about my fiction work, even though they have a fiction imprint! Osprey has always been great to work with and this just proves it. Head on over and check it out.


  1. Couldn't comment there, so commenting here. I can imagine researching all of those elements nearly took over.

  2. Going there to check it out in a moment, but I gotta say, in writing my Commando novel (and now the sequel), Osprey books are my bread and butter. The combination of detailed photos, illustrations, great descriptions, and a very well broken-down, "small slice of the pie" approach to the subjects makes them invaluable. I'm buying 3-4 Osprey books a month now, and I keep finding more to order...

    1. They certainly are addictive. I devoured them as a teenager and still can't believe I'm a regular writer for them now!


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