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Sunday, June 3, 2012

I have a reader in Andorra!

Well, I had a reader in Andorra. A friend of mine just came from there to visit me here in northern Spain. He started A Fine Likeness while he was there and finished it on the long bus ride to Santander, Spain. His copy was all battered and dog-eared from being in his backpack, the way a book should look. :-)

That makes four countries that I know of where my Civil War novel has been read: Andorra, Spain, the UK, and the US!

Here's a question for my readers who are writers. Where's the most obscure country where you've been read?

Photo courtesy Christof Damian.


  1. Congratulations, Sean!
    Can't think of anything obscure - Germany, S. Africa, Belgium, Australia, S. Korea, India... Andorra is rather obscure.

  2. Hi Sean .. amazing how the word travels isn't it - Andorra .. rather a nice place too. I do hope the novel is selling and I'm sure will keep do so ..

    Cheers Hilary

  3. Hi Sean .. I hope you got my other comment .. just checking - as Google is always doing funny things .. cheers Hilary


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