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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On the road again. . .

Tomorrow I'm flying to Washington DC for a conference with my fellow travel bloggers at Gadling. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of talented writers who until now have mostly just been names to me. I'll try to check in over the next five days while I'm there, and will certainly be back on schedule by early next week. After the April A to Z Challenge, I bet lots of people are taking a breather from blogging right now!

If you absolutely can't live without my writing for five whole days (come on, admit it!) you might want to check out my Gadling articles. In the past month I've written on a wide range of topics, including the Lincoln Highway (the first cross-country highway), Carlisle Castle celebrating its 1000th birthday, fake Stonehenges, a guidebook for African-Americans during the days of segregation, my lodging a complaint about rude airport security staff, and much more.

See you soon!


  1. Enjoy meeting up with writing friends! I'm taking this weekend OFF.

  2. Hi Sean .. enjoy your writing friends .. and good luck with the writing .. some of those posts/articles look fairly eclectic .. so I must pop across and look ..

    Cheers to you - Hilary


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