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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New research collection on Quantrill and his bushwhacker band

I've mentioned William Clarke Quantrill several times on this blog. This dangerous bushwhacker blazed his way to fame during the Civil War and even makes a cameo appearance in my Civil War novel.

Now a new collection is forming at the Public Library in Gentry, Arkansas, devoted to Quantrill, his men, his opponents, and the Border Wars in general. The plan is to bring together all the primary and secondary sources on Quantrill to build a definitive collection for scholars, educators, and the general public.

There's also a blog devoted to the collection with lots of information on individual members of Quantrill's band. It's called Josephine.

Who's Josephine? A certain young bushwhacker named Jimmy asks this same question of Jesse James. Read my book for the answer (or just go to that blog)!

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