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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Book Review: Seize and Hold, Master Strokes on the Battlefield

Seize And Hold: Master Strokes On The Battlefield (Cassell Military Classics)Seize And Hold: Master Strokes On The Battlefield by Bryan Perrett

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book focuses one military tactic, the coup de main, by giving eleven examples of how it has been done well. Perrett writes in a clear, detailed, and exciting style that makes this volume a great read as well as a great resource.

As those familiar with my writings know, I'm more interested in the American Civil War and Colonial Wars. My interest drops off quickly after World War One. Despite the fact that the majority of chapters are devoted to World War Two, Korean, or Vietnam battles, I still found this book very interesting. The two chapters on the First World War, covering the Romanian Campaign of 1916 and Rommel's adventures on the Italian front in 1917, were of course my favorite!

One good aspect of this book is that many of its examples are of lesser-known engagements. Not only do we get the Romanian Campaign (the first truly motorized offensive) we also get a battle from the Russo-Polish War, the quick German conquest of Belgium and Holland in 1940, and the British victory over the Italian in North Africa.

The chapters are rather short and not definitive studies, so specialists may end up skipping some parts. Still, this book will please any reader interested in military history.

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