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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Interview with horror author Paul Parducci

Today my guest is horror writer and actor Paul Parducci. He's appeared on shows like NYPD Blue, Desperate Housewives, and Murphy Brown and starred in films like A Gun, A Car, A Blonde with Billy Bob Thornton. He lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife, son, and an old one-toothed dog named Shadow. You can see his full film and TV credits at his IMDB page. Also check out his blog.

You are an actor as well as a writer. Do you do any of the other arts?
I am also a filmmaker. I’ve directed two feature films and dozens of shorts and TV projects.

Has your acting experience affected the way you write?

I'd imagine it might have a special influence on dialog. I’d like to think that my work as an actor has given me an insight into how words feel on the tongue. For me the characters lead the story and what they say to themselves and others has to always pass the word-feel test.

You've written for television and film. How different is that process from writing traditional prose?
TV and Film writing outside of dialog is really blue print work. Prose for me is all about the inside- the thought process of the character. When it comes to storytelling prose is the king of the inside realm.

Why did you decide to publish via Kindle rather than traditionally?
I’ve been using a Kindle for over two years now and it has become my favorite way to consume written content- (and I am not alone.) The Kindle has changed everything and I’m just going with the flow.

What are you writing now?
My second novel- it’s a horror story that takes place in the High Sierras of California. Nuff said- I’ve learned from bitter experience that if you tell too much of a story before it’s finished you bleed out all the energy.

Parducci's current novel is has the intriguing title Wet Linda: A Novel of Liquid Horror.

A self-hating eighteen year-old moves into a sterile California suburb and her life becomes a lung-filling nightmare as she comes under the control of something very evil met at the community pool. Many Helger has not fit in anywhere her entire life.  At eighteen, she is an innocent floundering in the brutal social environment of the upscale Southern California world she is trapped in.

When she moves with her family to a new home for her senior year, she makes a decision to take drastic actions in order to fit in. In an attempt to lose weight and be accepted by her attractive peers Mandy begins swimming at a mysteriously unused community pool. It is there at the pool day after day that Mandy learns the pool's dark past and becomes the handmaid of its unspeakably evil resident.

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  1. Characters do lead the story!
    Lucky you to get this interview, Sean.


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