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Monday, February 27, 2012

Civil War Horror gets more than 3000 hits so far this month

Well, my bid to reach 1000 followers on my Twitter feed by the end of the weekend didn't pan out. Despite getting a bunch of cool new followers I reached "only" 996. I'll reach 1000 today or tomorrow, I'm sure. I did reach one milestone over the weekend--this blog passed 3,000 hits for this month! The actual figure as I write this is 3,157 hits, and the month isn't over yet! Of course some of these hits are by bots or by yours truly as I check my blogroll, but still it's an enouraging sign. More people are reading and more people are commenting.

A word about comments. After being threatened by a Neo-Confederate who hated my book without having read it, and the ensuing fallout, I no longer accept anonymous comments. None of the haters had the guts to sign their names and as soon as I instituted this policy they shut up. If you comment, you can still use the anonymous option but you have to sign your name or give a link within the text of your comment.

Back to the Civil War with the next post!


  1. Congratulations, Sean! Sorry you've been attacked by haters.

  2. Thems the UPs and DOWNs of this blogging/tweeting business. Once we open ourselves to the world, the critics find their way to our door, but some are great followers and often become staunch blog-buddies. I'll join your blog and pop back to see what great Civil War posts you put up.

  3. Sometimes it seems that hate turns this world around. Sigh. I wish you great luck in all your publishing endeavors. I have an undead Texas Ranger as one of my four major heroes in my books -- so fantasy history is one of my delights.

    I bring two other of my heroes to 1834 New Orleans at the end of UNDER A VOODOO MOON. Its sequel, THE RIVAL, that I am now writing occurs mainly in the French Quarter of 1834 New Orleans.

    Making alive and new is quite a challenge, isn't it? Glad to have found your blog. I followed over from Alex's blog -- in fact, I became a follower of this blog. Hope you enjoy what you find at mine if you decide to visit. The first book trailer should interest you, Roland

    Ow! I could barely make out the first word in the 2 word verification!

  4. Twitter feed has been followed and an @ sent!


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