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Monday, December 19, 2011

Guest blogging over at Guerrilla Explorer

I'm a bit late in announcing this one, sorry! I recently guest blogged over at the super-cool Guerrilla Explorer on the enduring historical debate: Did Jesse James fake his own Death?

David Meyer does a fine job with his blog. Guerrilla Explorer explores mysteries of science and history, as well as conspiracy theories and other interesting subjects. His combination of an open mind and a critical eye make for interesting reading. Drop on by to my post and leave a comment, and don't forget to read his other postings!


  1. Thanks for the kind words Sean...it was great hosting you!

  2. I am dying here! I just watched the tail end of a special about Jesse James on the History Channel. The program suggested that Jesse might have faked his death. This sent up a flag for me. Back in 1982 after my great-grandmother passed, I attended the public auction of the contents of her home. As I rummaged through some of the boxes, I came to a paperback book about Jesse James. Tucked in this book were hand written pages that were notes on an interview with someone claiming to be Jesse James. I believe I asked my grandmother about the notes and she said she thought the handwriting was that of my Uncle Gail Pleasant who worked for the Pana, IL newspaper. Uncle Gail had died in 1981. The notes were about a meeting with a frail old man who was bedridden. His gun belt hung from the bedpost and there was some comment about keeping them close. The man had a long white beard and I believe he was living in a trailer. I don't remember where this took place or if I even read a location. I am kicking myself now for not taking that book with those notes. Damn it!

  3. I just watched the tail end of a program on the History Channel about Jesse James. In it they suggested that he had faked his own death. This is interesting to me because back in 1982, I came across some notes written by my great uncle about an interview with a man claiming to be Jesse James. The notes were tucked in a paperback about James and this book was in a boxes of my uncle's things that were to be auctioned off in my great-grandmother's estate auction. I recall from the notes that the man was old and frail and bedridden. He had a long white beard. His guns and gun belt were hanging on the bedpost and there was some comment about keeping them close. I think I remember that the man was staying in a trailer. I could kick myself for not taking that book! I wonder if this was John James? My uncle worked for the Pana, Il newspaper as a printer. I don't think he was a reporter but then again maybe he was. Damn it!

  4. Yes, that sounds like John James. He was a bedridden man with a long white beard. When they put him on display (sadly, there's no other way to say that) thye would hang some pistols on the bedpost.


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