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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Studying the page proofs for A Fine Likeness

The ebook design company 52 Novels has sent me the page proofs for A Fine Likeness. I haven't looked through the whole thing yet but so far I'm very satisfied with the result. Since my cover is simple two-tone with a black and white photo, it transferred to black and white very well. And now that the new color Kindle is out, readers will be able to see my brother-in-law's design in all its glory.

While I still have a fair amount of close examination to go through before I give the final thumbs up, it looks like my novel is one step closer to completion!

I chose 52 Novels on the recommendation of several fellow midlisters and because their rates are reasonable. I looked at the programming and formatting end of the operation and figured that with a couple of days of hair pulling I could do it myself, but decided that a little extra work for Gadling would more than cover the cost. Lots of Kindle and Smashwords authors are formatting their own ebooks. For me, though, it made financial sense to get someone else to do it.

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