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Friday, July 29, 2011

Civil War Photo Friday: Brothers off to war

When looking for cover art for my novel at the Library of Congress website I came across this fine photo. It didn't work as a cover shot but it struck me as powerful so I'm reproducing it here.

Sadly there's no information on who these two were although it's obvious they were brothers. They certainly look ready for a fight, especially the guy on the right. He's got a proper six-shooter rather than a one-shot dragoon pistol. No wonder he looks more confident! Dragoon pistols were fairly common at the beginning of the war but were soon dispensed with as being inferior and outdated weapons. When Captain Richard Addison goes on a shopping spree in my novel, he buys every pistol he can except dragoon pistols. Going up against Bloody Bill Anderson he needs proper firepower!

As you can see, the photo has been colorized by hand painting, a popular technique back then to give a little more realism to black and white images. If anyone out there has a photo of a Civil War ancestor I'd love to share it with the world. Drop me a line!

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